Final Render! Volumetric lighting still and Animated interior

Just finished up my Morrowind-inspired interior! Final Render with Volumetric lighting below:

I animated some cameras before for showing off the interior pre-materials, and re-rendered one of the animations. Render time was about 14 hours, so I will not be doing any other animations at that scale. I turned the volumetric lighting off for the animation though.

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome! I know there is so much more to learn, Id love to hear what everyone thinks!

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Great work! Nice details on the ceiling and I love that you made an animation from your scene. How long did it took you to render this and at what resolution did you render it?


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Thanks Amy! Iā€™m glad you liked it. The ceiling and center piece were my favorite parts.

I dont remember the resolution, it was either 1080p or 50% of 1080p, but I think it was the full 1080p at 30 fps.

It took comically long, around 14 hours. The biggest reason I think it took so long were the materials were made using images that were probably unnecessarily high quality, and I probably could have gotten away with much lower res, smaller, faster loading image files.

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