Final render. Just gave up

It seems like my art projects never get finished, I simply gave up after a ridiculous amount of time XD. I can’t look at this bunny’s face for any longer. What do you think of it by the way?


We all know this feeling I think :wink:
You have a really nice scene composition, especially the rabbit posture. It’s one of a kind, really good choice! :thumbsup:

The fur color is perfect. Eyes, whiskers and it’s nose are in balance. I like background image, the clouds follow the terrain.

Well done. And don’t give up !!!


I think you created a very nice bunny and a very nice scene.

Honestly, this was a very long section to complete in and of itself. Having to create everything from scratch while learning Blender, made it even longer. I was never so glad to get through this series of lectures and move along to the next.

Again, well done!

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Thanks :D. I’m Glad to hear that…I’m really shy, so I never share my renders…Hope to see yours soon here in the forum


Thanks :D. I’m glad to hear that. I just found your blog a while ago… good job.
I feel the same about this section. I had lots of trouble rendering this amount of particles… My gpu couldn’t handle it. I don’t really know why. I ended up having to use CPU. It’s hard to render with cpu here in south america, it’s too hot XD, cpu temps were around 90deg…

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Hi Rafaelppf,

I agree with FedPete and Morgaine_Christensen. You have done a very good job. I understand looking same work for many hours starts to come out of your ears, but putting effort in my opinion it’s always worth it. Either you work on it to get it better or you have more hours with the software which makes you ultimately a better artist.

What I have found valuable and worth the try is, take a break, maybe do something else, either in Blender or completely different (like sports) and then come back to your work and you have a sort of fresh pair of eyes to look your work with. I have gotten back to my renders after breaks and found out that something wasn’t working and I changed it completely and ultimately the work gets better. Maybe this could work for you as well?

Anyways, don’t give up. You are doing a good job!

Be creative!

Cheers, Jax


Thanks for tip, Jax. You’re absolutely right and it’s kind of what I’ve been doing. I’m trying to finish the course and develope another blender project(a tennis game asset) at the same time.


Oh, no, no, no, Rafaelppf, YOU must share your projects with us!!! We want to see them! :slight_smile:

I think the biggest confidence booster with learning Blender are these forum. It is scary to post your work for others to see. Will they like it? What will they say bad about it? Did I do this correctly? I know this because I feel the same way about posting my work. BUT, after I have posted, I get important feedback how I can improve, some actual tips or tricks, and maybe an explanation of something I didn’t understand. It is the time I can sit back and think about how I created something and what I learned creating it.

REMEMBER, the majority of students here are beginners. Some may know a bit about Blender while others do not. ALL of us are learning so don’t be afraid to share. I think most of us on the forums love to see the work of others, how our models progress over time, and be inspired by others. Plus, everyone helps each other here, make friends, not to mention it is nice to be part of a community.

Oh, and if you want practice, join in the Weekly and Monthly challenges! They are a great way to put into practice what you have learned and often will force you to go outside the course to other resources to learn even more new things.

Like you, I am a bit shy, till you get to know me! :slight_smile: Once you know me, then I get rather chatty like the woman I am! LOL If you will note, my blog, I am terribly chatty! Thank you for the compliment on the blog. It is a labor of love plus a huge online filing cabinet for stuff to explore at a later time.

So, PLEASE keep sharing with us!


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