Final render Fluffy Bunny / Eevee

This render took 6 hours, so I won’t go for an animation



Really cute, lots of character, really like your environments to both of these.


Thanks, Kyle

It came out great! I see there’s some depth now to its face. And I love the pokemon ball! Nicely done, indeed.

I’m sorry to dissapoint you, but I didn’t change the mesh. :slight_smile:
I guess it was the light, in the other scene.

Hmm, I see. Yes, it must be the light. I think that the grey hair makes you think it’s puffed out more than it is (there’s a shadow on the left and right side, and slightly below, created by the grey hair “ball”). A trick of the eyes it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Wau. Really nice work for both scene. I love thr atmosphere there :slight_smile:

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These are both great! @dominik really nice composition. All the elements really come together well. I like the fire as well. @Alex_Lyubavin I like how you’ve blended the particle grass with the background image grass. It’s almost seamless. Same goes for the foreground tree and hanging leaves. Nice!

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