Final Render Alien Mech

I tried to upload the turntable animation to here and my artstation but both places keep telling me the file isn’t supported so I instead have to upload a JPEG instead.


I don’t think animations are supported here. Most folks upload to YouTube, and then just post the link here for folks to see.


Upload video’s to youtube or vimeo and post the links on a fresh new message line.

GIF’s work too, but a file size limit.

Sketchfab works also.

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I forgot about sketchfab, I actually used that on an old school assignment I did so I might go with that, thank you :slight_smile:

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Looks delicate this alien mech!

The only way it can be killed is to first destroy its legs and belly then the top part opens up to reveal its heart which must be destroyed all while the rest of the body is flying.