Final project size

I just completed the Building Escape tutorial. Great tutorial! Thank you for this amazing work.
I just have some concerns about the project size at the end. My project is 6.6 Go at the end! The .vs folder is massive, as you can see on the below screenshot.

At section 60. Ignoring Unreal Derived Files, it is explained which folder we can safely remove. Thus, when I was about halfway through the tutorial, I clean the project by removing these folders and rebuilding the project. But nothing is said about the .vs folder, which is the largest folder, 2.4 Go at the end of the project.
Can I just delete this folder?

Thanks for your help!


You can safely delete “.VS” folder from your project.
This folder contains generated files associated with visual studio and can be generated via “generate visual studio project files” from your .uproject file.

Great! That will save a lot of space!
Thank you very much!

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