Final Plane Render


Pretty happy with the results. I know the pavement/sidewalk is looking pretty shiny but I was using a reference photo for this one city and I liked how shiny their walks/pavement was and tried to match it.

Otherwise if I spent more time on this, I’d love to go back in and rotate the HDRI slightly to make the clouds move while this is going and give the trees some slight animation to indicate the air flow as a the plane goes over.

Lastly I think the propeller really seems slow, but couldn’t get it to look like it was going faster even with keyframing a higher rotation amount. Not sure what that’s about.

Alright, onto rigging & animation!


Looks great, I have been watching your progress through these last couple of days, and it’s amazing, can’t wait to see if you do more!


Thanks! I appreciate the support. I love the classes and I really enjoy all of this work. Just want to keep going and improving and so far the courses have been a huge help.


Yeah I love the courses here, amazing how much they can improve your skills!


This is normal!
It has to do with the frame rate.
If the movie frame rate is 24fps
And your rotation of the propellor has 25 rotations per second.

It’s solvable using motion blur and a fix in propellor rotations.


Ahhhhh. So that’s it. Makes sense. Thank you! I knew that it was a timing issue, but that helps to know there’s a specific fix. Thanks!

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Its the phenomenon called aliasing. It occurs when sampling rate (in this case the frame rate) is too low in comparison to speed of an event. Its also the same effect that causes diagonal lines in computer graphics to display jagged. (To low resolution to present smooth line.)
The propeller problem is visible in normal video footage aswell, it often can be observed as if the wheel of a car is turning in opposite direction than moving car.
Also sometimes it causes a propeller to appear as it slowes down to stop and than start turning in the other direction.

In real world cameras, the blur comes from the fact, that a frame is sampled with non zero time, and fast moving objects well, blur. Here, with instant sampling you can add artificial blur to achieve simmilar effect


amazing work love the buildings and the trees :smiley:

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Thanks! The trees were made with the sapling add-on so they’re pretty easy to produce once you add that to your workflow. Just create one and then do an array.

The buildings were made using the methods in the course, but I did a few more tricks with them that I learned from Ian Hubert’s work. I also looked at a reference and decided to make some railings for outside the windows to give them a little more depth.


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