Final - Made myself into a model

Dang, I guess I do look weird haha…

This was definitely a challenge and it was nice trying to apply all that I have learned so far into this model. My “skin” map did not work out too well. It was either too extreme or barely noticeable. Also tried to apply rough textures to the model through sculpting tools but it resulted to about the same extremes unless I up the polygon count. So I left it as it is and I really like it. Maybe once I have more experience, I can come back and make improvements. Thanks for looking.


This looks really good, well done!

If you havent already, consider registering on Sketchfab, you can upload you model and then paste its URL into the forum. It will embed the 3D model viewer straight into your post.

Again, really nice work :slight_smile:

See also;

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Thanks Rob. No I haven’t heard of Sketchfab but I will definitely look into it. I appreciate the suggestion.

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More than welcome, if you take a look at the guide above you’ll see an example of how it can embed into the forum, your viewers than then zoom in out, spin around the model and so on, makes the models very interact-able which can be fun and shows off your work really nicely :slight_smile:

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