Final Low Poly Character Course Character - Low Poly SH Lisa Garland (No hat)



Really felt like trying to do my own work on this last lecture. So I drew a Lisa Garland reference myself, then used it to model this character. I skipped the hat though might come back to add it at another time.

The hair for my character was way more difficult than what was done in the course and required individual face selection to do the uv map because I couldn’t get the seams to work there.

But not so bad if I do say so myself, lots of practice ahead, but alas another course concluded! On to the complete character course next!


Great use of the course resources JyounzuSan!
She turned out great!

Would it be too much to ask to see the references you drew up? I’m always curious to see the start and finished stages of peoples work. No worries if it’s too much work though, great job regardless! :blush:


This was the reference I drew.

I didn’t choose to do a side view since I didn’t plan on doing the face details and was using the female base I made during the course to adapt to the character.
I think in my reference the arms are a little long, and it has some messed up symmetry. I am fairly weak in drawing and working on improving it so I can draw my own references and this was my first try. But lucky for me, mirror tool in blender handled the symmetry of the base model.
After the base was made I applied the mirror in order to make the hair, add a pocket to the dress and attach the badge.

Thanks for your comments!


Nice job

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Very nice LP person and natural looking walk cycle. Great use of a LP Character to get into the animation with a simple mesh.

Try the Character course, the one that makes the Orge/Orc creature.

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100% is my next step. I own all the courses for blender here on GDTV and am working through them while doing the drawing course as well. Technically own 90% of the courses in all because I support this site and community fully since it has taught me tons.


very smooth walk animation!

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That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing the reference.
Amazing job from reference to final animation.

And I hear ya, drawing is an entire can of worms on its own haha!!
Great job, again :grin:


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