Final Dino

Could have set the material for the teeth but figured it would be too much of a hassle


Didn’t I read you added the teeth seperate from the rest of the mesh? Or was that someone else?

If you didn’t extrude, you should be able to go into edit mode and select the teeth by hovering your mouse over one tooth and pressing L on your keyboard. Should get you just the teeth and not the whole mesh. Easier to give them their seperate material :slight_smile:

Cool dino! :smiley:

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That must have been someone else (I saw one post that probably did do that), I used extruding. Now that I think about it, adding them separate probably would have been smarter, or just making them their own object

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It’s easier to select them, anyroad :slight_smile:

An alternative way (that would still require a bit of individual selection, though):

If you go into vertex mode and select the outmost vertex on the point of each tooth, you can hit ctrl + numpad+ to expand the selection until you have the whole of the teeth.

Or you can just keep it like it is and be happy with a project well done :smiley:

Yea, there’s like 27 teeth with 5 sides each and they were so small that box selecting wasn’t easy either. ctrl + is weirdly buggy for me, it rarely works like it should during these course lessons when I try it

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