Final Crystal Cavern Project (Just Level 2)

Here is my finished Crystal Cavern Level 2. I added some custom meshes, materials, textures, FX and additional funtionality. My main goal tin addition to understanding Blueprint was also to focus on implementing some Niagra FX.


Great work, just been learning Niagara as well. I liked the cannon bullets the most.

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Thanks man! Yeah I’m loving Niagra. It’s hard to go back to Cascade because I really like the control and functionality it gives you.

I’m taking another Udemy course from Gabriel Aguiar, just for Niagara VFX. You may already be more advanced for him; but just in case. I’ve got a short vid on youtube for the AoE portion of his course I’m nearly done with now, it’s pretty fun! Although there is some Blender and Photoshop in this course ( I used Krita and Procreate for PS replacement myself)

wow really nice work i like the fx effect so much and the jumping in the ramp omg really nice work!

Ha, yes! I finished that course right before taking this one. SO GOOD! Really helped me a lot with Niagra.

Thanks! I really appreciate that.

This is really nice work!!!

This was epic! Great job, hopefully one day I can make something like this.

Thanks Jonathan, appreciate that man! I had a lot of fun putting that one together. And for sure, you’ll get there! Hopefully I’ll get to see some of your cool artwork in the future!

Thanks so much!

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