Final Chess Scene, using depth of field

Let me know what you think… :slight_smile:


Hum… I don’t know what you did but this is looking like “double vision” and not DoF

Maybe decrease the f-stop value more to see if gets better.

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Okayy, it might be due to the fact that it’s a pretty big scale, I didn’t really make it smaller like Michael said yet, cause it did some weird things to the lighting and location and some other stuff… xD Decreasing the f-stop doesn’t seem to work so well, it makes the knight itself too blurry and doesn’t do much to the background. What exactly do you mean by “double vision” though…? I played a bit with all the values but it didn’t seem to have changed much:

It doesn’t matter, thanks for the advice anyway :p.


Well this last image looks much more like proper DoF! The knight is not blurred at all and the background is.(the effect is a little too strong though but thats ok)

This is it dude! :smile:

Don’t worry too much now, when you get to the end of the Bunny you’ll understand it better also in Cycles

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Oh okay, cool… Thanks :grinning: Yeah I’m looking forward to start rendering with cycles ^^

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