Final Challenge TieFighter

I hope you find this little scene to be neat. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope to make more in the future. This actually took me quite a long time…at least 7 or 8 hours (not straight) and it was an interesting experience for sure


“Neat” was the first word that came into my mind after looking at this image (and before I read the text). So, good job!

You’ve asked for some feedback. To me it’s a perfect final challenge. Took some time as I can read, but also delivered joy and a neat model to show.

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That look’s great! I especially like the way the cockpit connects with the wings. You put in a lot of detail!

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

I originally wanted to keep it basic but then I kept looking at all the other students works and I got motivated to do more. I wanted to go even further but I had a lot of school work that I needed to do so i had to stop. Thank you for the feedback!!

Well you have done, young Padawan. :smiley:


Loved the reply, thank you!

By the way, I have seen some of your work and I have to say that I am impressed with the historical aspect that you adhere to.
Have you been working in Blender long?

Not all that long, my background is that I am a retired commercial programmer, with an archaeology degree. I was playing about with Blender, Unity and Godot thinking about game programming. Then I got together with some pals to try to develop some AR/VR apps in Unity for the heritage sector (still very much as a pilot project), there was plenty of programming expertise, so I was delegated to learn 3D object creation hence I am now focussing Blender.

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That sounds like an awesome retirement plan… have you set up a portfolio on Sketchfab yet?

All still very much in the preliminary stages. Just had a look at Sketchfab, what’s on there looks pretty well out of my league at the moment, but maybe worth thinking about if my skills improve.

I’m curious to what kind of AR/VR work you are doing with archaeology. My senior project involved VR asset creation with an archaeology site in Israel I had the chance to visit last year. The team I am working with created a digital magazine about the site and we included VR objects of artifacts and a VR tour of various underground locations at the site. We’re polishing it up and finishing it out this semester.

I can’t say too much as some aspects are confidential, and I am also a bit conscious of hijacking Christopher’s thread. Briefly though, we are looking at two strands, the first is using AR to allow people visiting sites (in the pilot a Deserted Medieval Village) to look at areas of the site through their mobiles and see the type of buildings that would have been located there, and even to go inside the buildings. The second is to use VR/AR (undecided) to look at 18th/19th century agricultural implements in a museum and using animation show how they operated.

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