Final bunny render-sort of

I am really excited to have this project done! Call it Bunny Overload…too bad it is not chocolate.

I am not sure what happened when I went to finally render this but, I couldn’t get it to actually to render with the camera I had set up…I got tired of fooling around with it. So, I had to use the viewport screen edition of render and took a screen shot.

I decided to use a different background texture for the skybox and imagine my surprise how well it fit in what I was trying to create.


Wow, what a nice composition! Two thumbs up!
I really like this solution. And the bunny, hiding in the grass.

Thank you! I was so frustrated at the end with the Render camera issue I wasn’t sure if I was going to post my project or not. It sort of borders between looking realistic or, cartoony. I learned why Michael worked to reinforce certain concepts as he went along. A couple of things I really learned from all this…

  1. Really think about your scene before creating it. Decide what you want in it. Doesn’t have to be detailed but an idea of what you would like to do.
  2. Find a background to compliment what you want to do (this was purely chance this worked out as it did) and use it in your scene to enhance it.
  3. Maybe set up your final render camera for the shot you want to final render as and don’t mess with it! Add a separate camera to move around and do test viewport renders.
  4. Model on separate layers is a BIG YES so you can turn things off and on! Move your items around on that separate layer so you don’t disturb other items you already placed!
  5. You got your shot set up, then add where you want your particle grasses and plants to be so you can use less. I followed the lectures and this scene ended up being nearly 400,000 tris! I think I could of saved a bunch of tris creating just in the part of the plane I was going to render for my final shot.
  6. Definitely use weight painting for adding your particles plants to help have better placement.

I appreciate the vote of confidence, FedPete. I might have to try the monthly challenge now!

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I agree on all of them. That’s why I like the course. It’s not all about technical stuff, but also how to handle and prepare your project.
And about realistic rendering … well partly it’s possible. But we humans can easily see what’s real or not.
But with the tools we learn, you can see how it can be done… It’s put to how to use it.

Agrees with you 100% this course is not all about technical stuff which just passes me and makes it where I do not wish to learn. I have tried taking a couple of other courses elsewhere and my eyes just glazed over and I never went further. Teach me the technical stuff AFTER I know how to use the software and know something about it then I may be able to understand it. I am a hobbyist not a professional and don’t plan on being one!

Michael does a great job balancing both I think. I like his style and I like his mistakes and solutions to those mistakes. I should check to see if he teaches another course after this one.

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