Final bunny render .... prepared

Gaaah, I forgot the difference between preview and render in number of children. No wonder it took time…

Yep, I finally got to a point where I think that maybe I don’t have to be embarrassed.
This is the test-render before I started the final …

… looks like an all night:er from what I can see… but I think it will be worth it… :slight_smile:


Its beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished render!

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Yep, I think it was worth it. :slight_smile:

Render-time 11h.


So much details, like wallpaper.

When we follow this lesson, we all know; it eats render time.
Especially experimenting. I love the Japanese blossom tree. What worries me a bit, is the diversity of trees (personal feeling).
A clever invention is the usage of Clover leaf, it covers the ground better then vertical grass. I like the scene it has depth. It’s one of my favorites.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

I agree aboout the trees, they are experimental.

The Oak is a imported image-as plane, completely flat
The one with a root is a cylinger mockup…
… and the Cherry blossom sampling excersise…

I’m trying to resist the urge to rearange for better composition and uniformity, want to spend time learning instead.

Ah, don’t change! It’s a lot of work. I have the same problems. Experimenting a lot. And afterwards thinking I could improve things. But then it cost weeks and not days before finishing one single lesson.
I like your work. It’s more like friendly observations. :wink:

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