Final bunny render 45 hours

I added a second bunny (clone), which didn’t add that much render time to the total.
And decided to show only one branch of the tree, to make a better composition.
I still think much to improve, but this fluffy bunny lesson consumes too much render time.


Looks great! However, I agree on the render times. I will probably skip the final render to make it faster.

I am just starting on the bunny but, I really like what you have done with this scene. The greenery really adds to the scene and is very realistic!

Good work!

@FedPete Wow! That’s absolutely beautiful (and terrifying at the same time, if the render time was really 45 hours…) If the extra render time makes the scene look better, sometimes it’s worth it. Great work!

Looks great. The grass particularly.

Wow, thats sweet man. Hope mine turns out just as good!

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