Final Bunny Eevee render

just an low-samples Evee render 'cause I liked the look of the fur in the viewport and ran into a display problem with the metaball in cycles
made a bit of a mess with the background otherwise I could have made it prettier

slightly fixed version


question what is the black thing on the floor in front of the little guy?

Also, (don’t get me wrong, please) the sun look like 3 feet away from the bunny, I also having trouble to put the sun/moon on the scene without looking that some UFO is trying to abduct my characters.


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Heya, thanks for the comment! It’s supposed to be a hollow tree stump but I guess it turned a little too dark in the post-processing. The sun used to be much bigger, I guess a have a thing for bloom heh

one day I’ll figure out to make a leaves material that is both transparent and opaque when required

I made some bad decisions while creating the background geometry and now it’s just too hard to change stuff, but I’m overally quite happy with the bunny, composition and colors on a beginner level

I think it’s a awesome work, besides the thing that as a beginners still don’t know, but some day…


What you mean by that?

In any case must be a matter of a Mix Shader node with a Black and White image(or procedural for that matter) as Factor for the mix.
The Black part will be the one from the top and the white the bottom

So for example, you can plug a Translucent Shader up and Diffuse bottom… and you’ll have the mix you want.

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So that limited light can pass through the material, but the material isn’t transculent if in the shadow, like real leaves. Whenever I mixed the transculent shader with anything the material becomes see-through even if transculent value is low

Like this try in Cycles right?

I may try some stuff with Eevee translucent. Be back in a few…

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Oh yeah that seems about right. I could only use Eevee in the bunny project due to messing something up with the metaball

So… It’s not possible to have same behaviour with Eevee as Cycles in regards to the “Color of the Shadow”, it’s something like on or off and doesn’t have color.
That’s because of how the engine works.

But, Translucency works but it’s too sensitive to the light and becomes fully lit with very little energy of the lamp

But I find that Subsurf Scattering does a great job to what I think you want!
(Not sure if will work good for your scene which is very bright though)


Much obliged, capa14! Thanks for doing a bit of testing with the rendering engines on my behalf. The results are excellent

I’ll leave the bunny project since I worked myself in a corner, but I’ll gladly apply this to the assets project. I do like to work with Eevee rendering for the really short rendering time. The cathedral has stained windows where this would apply as well to a certain degree, though leaves are a special case

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You’re welcome, I really like to try to help. I end up learning something sometimes and being inpired to make something else :smile:

Indeed! Stained Glass “light effect” must be something not possible to be done in Eevee, unless there is a very hacky way…

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I suppose I should get used to those 12h rendering times on my laptop, heh

Well if you want to make really realistic looking stuff yeah Cycles helps a lot with that!

However you can do plenty of stuff with Eevee which looks amazing and can look fairly realistic too when you know what to do. (Not saying that I know…because I really don’t lol)

Try to look some eevee demos from the pros and your jaw will drop…

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