Final bowling scene

I added physics and a long ramp and rolled the ball into the pins then picked the frame I liked the most.
then I spent a while fooling with nodes to get something I’m pretty happy with all things considered.

I have two different styles for the scene the first is an old sepia tone style. I wanted to invoke an old bowling alley feel with a kind of hazy daze of our lives flash back thing.

The second is a softer light with a little more color and softer shadow. for this one I was going for a Bowling alley Billboard feel, though to be honest I am not super happy with the background which seems to have lost something in post.

Let me know which you think is better =)


Hi Daniel, nice work!
I liked more the second one, first seems to have too much light on the pins.
Nice detail work, nice scene composition, overall very well done!

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