Fill Practice - GIMP Course

So, I took my sweet time to do some things, and here are the results
Did a couple of flags cause I wanted to, really.
Flag 2 flag 3 Flag 1

Funny dagger goes brrr. Honestly the fill tool didn’t see as much usage here. Most of the time went with me playing around with the color picker’s sample merge option (So challenge… failed?). Still, I quite like how it turned out!


And now the shields. I played with the pattern fill on them, The circular shield feels more like a wheel, or maybe a weird shield mixed with a ton of junk? I dunno. The other shield was supposed to look big and heavy, something like it’d be used by some big boy templar/crusader. I thiink they look okay?

Shield 1 shield 2

Last thing’s the moon. I practically followed Michael’s way of doing it step by step to get how the whole thing works. I’ll probably come back to this challenge and do something of my own eventually.



Wow! Awesome job!

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Nice! These are really cool!