File Organisation - I finally unlocked Grant's Orc! 🥳

Aaaah, so this is the lecture where you finally get Grant Abbitt’s orc! :partying_face: (It’s in the lecture’s Resources). Really interesting how he did his materials.

Here he is with my orc… they the best of friends :crazy_face:


Yours looks so good! Great job with the course! What was interesting with how Grant did the materials?

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Thanks… You’ll have to get the model to see for yourself! :shushing_face:

But seriously… for me it was the cavity-map being overlaid and then multiplied… that really boosts the contrast of the cavity map it seems. I don’t know why he used two instances of the cavity texture tho as you can just reuse the output from one texture :man_shrugging:

The roughness map doesn’t exist… it is generated here (Grant can get away with this since he is keeping the clothing on separate materials):

Also, it is so subtle, I didn’t even think it had a texture at first… I put the “final” roughness through a color ramp into a viewer to show how all the detail exists in this narrow band.

Also, it was interesting how he used the bump-map as a means to mix noise onto the normal-map to produce a fuzzy effect. That was new to me, so learnt something there.

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It’s also super interesting to see his model in action and his file with all the details. Stuff like how he made his painting, how he made the gloves and shoes a part of base model, how he made the fists.

I also really appreciate seeing small mistakes Grant made in his model (e.g., some stretched textures, some painting issues, etc.). I was going crazy to fix that kind of stuff in my model. It wasn’t apparent he had those same problems in the course. It’s good see that even professional like Grant has those problems and have to deal with them (or decide not to deal with them if they are minor). Looking at this might have saved part of my sanity going forward :sweat_smile:

One thing I wish would be included in the course. Judging by the model name I think he used Instant Meshes ( to retopologize his sculpt. I wish he would show that in the course as his topology is way better then what can be achieved with voxel remesher.

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