Few questions about animations

  • Currently, we always play the death forward animation, which looks weird if the player or AI character die while being shot from behind.
    My idea was to expose the direction of the shot to the animation blueprint, and create a blend space so that we have a death animation for any direction. The problem is that we only have a forward and backward direction for the death animations, no right / left.
    So I was wondering if that approach was correct / how it would be handled in a real project.

  • Another problem we have is that the death animation can make the character mesh go through the environment walls. Which makes sense because we only use a big capsule component for collisions. I guess if we wanted to prevent that, we would need to have a more complex system where we have collision boxes attached to each different part of our skeletal mesh. Which would also allow to make locational damage (is that how it’s called ? headshots dealing twice damages for example)
    Is it correct ? What should I look for if I wanted to explore this direction?

  1. That seems valid and is similar to what I did. I just chose either the forward or back animation depending on the direction of the shot to which the actor is facing. If there were more animations for left and right I would just add a range for each direction.

  2. What is typically done is to disable the capsule component collision and enable physics and collision on the mesh and set it to ragdoll.

Hmm I tried this but no luck. If I enable physic simulation and set the collision preset to ragdoll on the mesh, it completely breaks the animations. And if I disable the collisions of the capsule component the character goes through the map, even if the mesh has collisions enabled :thinking:

I don’t supposed Tom Looman’s code works?

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Thanks Dan, I’m will try this. My dumb ass didn’t realize you were supposed to set ragdoll dynamically on character death, I was setting the ragdoll preset in the character blueprint :man_facepalming:t2:

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