Female Versus Male Faces

Still very rough when it comes to faces. Something about the female faces seem a bit too long. Perhaps I went wrong somewhere drawing in my guides, I will have to go back over that section.


The eyes and ears on your female face are too high up, they should be smack down the middle or even slightly below. You can get away with a little extra forehead but you really can’t with a little less.
There are three ways you could fix this.
The most realistic and safest approach would be moving down her facial features.
If you wanted to go more stylistic you could adjust the head shape instead, either shortening it from the jawline or extending the forehead. I wouldn’t recommend that for this drawing since it could look rather alien but it’s something sometimes done to cartoonish or “disney” characters.


So long as the proportions are correct relative to the face shape you can get away with all sorts of head shapes and still look “right”.


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