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Let me say that I feel the quality of this section of the course is amazing. The thing is I feel lost since a bit after starting this tower defense game section of the course. I feel like im just copying code without knowing how to do it if I was alone. I have to say this teacher style is a bit harder than the previous teacher from a beginners point of view. I feel a bit less motivated (not the teachers fault!). And anyways my aspirations for this course was making a 3d game revolving around a character moving around and doing stuff, kind of like the last section of the course with the zombie game? The thing is I always like to complete stuff, specially as this course is very good quality. Any suggestions? I don’t really want to skip this section of the course as I am sure there will be some good content to take notes about but just feeling off like I’m copying stuff without knowledge. Am I the only one feeling like this? The first 3 sections of the course I was really involved and I thoroughly enjoyed, just somehow this section of the course feels way more difficult.


I had a bit of the same issue with the previous section, Argon Assault. I actually stopped working on it and didn’t come back to it for almost a year, so I understand how you feel about that. I was most excited for this section, the tower defense game, but, like you, I felt like I never really wanted to make a rail-shooter type game. I finally decided to come back and finish Argon Assault, and I felt more refreshed and I think I learned more because of that break. My point is, it sounds like you may be getting a bit burnt out. Try taking a break from the course for 2-ish weeks and I’m sure you’ll come back ready to learn more. During that time, try working on a small side project or two, and I’m sure there will be some issues you come across that’ll get you excited to come back to the course. It worked for me, it might work for you.

P.S. I enjoy the more problem-oriented style of this section of the course, probably more than I did the previous ones. I like flexing my Game Dev brain.


thank you very much I appreciate your insight!

I know this was a while ago, but one difference that may be causing you to feel that way is that Rick tends to use code comments as we go to define what we’re going to do before we code it. He doesn’t do this all the time, but he does it pretty frequently.

I think this sort of mentally preps the person watching. It doesn’t feel like just copying code because the student thinks about the task and then sees how it would be accomplished.

Gary, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to use commenting at all and the concepts come fast. It’s less “This is what we want to do, and this is how we’ll do it.” and more “This is how we can do this.”

Similarly his challenges in the first portion of this section also come at the end when presumably many students have already tried to follow along (since the previous sections with Rick were done that way). As a result, I think you ended up with that feeling of being pulled along instead of walked through.

As you pointed out, they’re just different styles, but that is my guess for why it feels that way. Personally I’ve enjoyed both, but there is a pretty distinct difference, so I doubt you’re alone.

Hope this helps and I hope you eventually get back to it!

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Yes Gary has a different approach, and few months ago i had the same sentiment, but then someone pointed me to try out learn more of C# from the side with some books, and it really helped me a lot…

I know this is suppose to be begginners friendly and there is not mention to have already a bit of knowledge in coding, but most of the difficulties come just from the C# side of things.

Once you get the base knowledge everything become more easy and you understand almost at glance what’s happening in the script

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