Feeling Great about completeing the course!

Hey just competed the course and wanted to share a few screenshots of my version of Realm Rush, I used all the assets provided but steered slightly away from the course - in that I have separate blocks for enemy waypoints/path and Tower Blocks that have their own public grid positions, this was a great challenge and I feel great that things have worked out. Thanks again Ben and Rick!

Tower_Refence2 Tower_Refence3


Congratulations! Have you thought about “what’s next”?


Yes, I have a chat app and a puzzle game that I have already built the structure of - Well in the chat app I have started the encryption algorithm…with several days wrestling with arrays only to rewrite using Lists - and the puzzle only has the blocks in place (using the Cube Editor script from Realm Rush), but I have plenty of older half started ideas that I previously had no idea how to code… A racer, a flying shoot-em-up, a 3D Level Platformer…so yeh a few things to get on with - Lolz


Oh yes and Thanks!

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