Feedback - Vector Arithmetic - Vector Subtraction

Hi @sampattuzzi,

I was just going over the notes for Section 2 and as I was going through the Vector Arithmetic Lecture #15 I found that the diagram for vector subtraction a little confusing. The vector addition diagram made perfect sense to me visually, but the subtraction one I found visually confusing.

I am not saying that it’s wrong (I am not knowledgable enough with vectors to judge this), just that I found it visually confusing.

I looked up Vector Subtraction online and found some examples that I personally found more visually intuitive as an example (see attached). This could just be a personal issue that I am having visually…

Anyway, just providing some feedback (I hope you don’t mind) :slight_smile:

Now I find that diagram a little confusing. I think it is labelled incorrectly. The arrow labelled “B” should actually be “-B”. But I see what you are saying. I will bare this in mind for teaching this concept in future content.

Hi Sam, thank you for your rpely. Yes, you are right, sorry it should have been -B.

Maybe, it’s the a and b vectors in your diagram that are heading in the same direction that has me visually confused. I am a visual learner and it just looked strange. If the maths is fine then please just ignore my visual confusion :slight_smile:

No I totally understand why my slides were confusing essentially the arrows don’t point to the result. I like your version more, it’s much clearer.

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Thank you Sam.

Actually, it’s not really my version as I just redrew an example which I saw online – in Khan if I am not mistaken.

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The way I looked at it was from the control set up if they went left they were adding distance from home A+B. If they went Right, reducing distance they got closer to home A-B. I hope I am making sence.

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