[Feedback] Please explain what the glitch in the application is

Hello, this is just a gentle feedback.

I like that the instructor highlights common issues that we might run into, but when it comes to application bugs and glitches, may I suggest the instructor to explain or show the glitches with the official/intended workflow instead of just jumping to the workaround directly, so that students can try the proper method in future versions of the application to see if the bug or glitch is fixed.



I suspect the problem is if it dose not work while making the lecture, it can not really be shown, as it dose not work.

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Is this about Blender?

It’s a general observation across several videos, but I am working on “Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design Course” when I wrote this feedback, especially around the import and export of textures and file formats interoperability between different apps.

Since we have advanced a few versions of the apps already, I would like to try to replicate the glitch or bug so that I can know whether I still need to use the workaround shown in the course video, but I can’t, because I don’t know what the bug or glitch is.

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