Feedback on MVP: "A Blue Flower"

Hi! In the last 2 weeks I’ve made a sprint and put together a MVP (or prototype, I’m not sure if it’s one or the other). It’s got the basic core functionality of what I want the game to be about, which is free flight on a 2d metroidvania-like world. It’s still got many graphical and playability flaws I intend to get to, and I also haven’t implemented every mechanic I wanted to see in it, but for now I’m looking for feedback on how can I improve and where can I go from here, if anybody would be so kind to check the game out ^^

Peek 2021-04-13 08-09

I’m particularly puzzled on game and level design. I’ve tried out a few different ideas, including puzzle-platforming, exploration, etc. but I still can’t nail that “free flight” feel I was going for.

So, if anyone is interested in helping me out, you can play the game online on:

And for anyone who reads this, you’re awesome, and keep doing your best ;3

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Wow this is incredible!! Can I share this on the Showcase page?

Woah really!? That’d be awesome, I’m honoured and happy you liked it! ^^
I’ll be adding more polish on it over the next month, and that’s honestly a great incentive for me to keep working. Thank you sm <3