Feedback on Jumpy Jumpy

Really nice challenge! Enjoyed solving it. But I have 2 main things that ‘bothered’ me

-For the Bounce you are not providing players GO in the script while in the teleport you do. If the goal was to show several ways of how you could access a player then okay, but still, I think that dragging player to a script to check if you collided with him is super error prone because in most actual projects you’d often loose references to the player because he could die/get replaced, and comparing with tags/getting components is a much preferred way. (I know that in teleport you have the TeleportPlayer() without a parameter but I’d change it to TeleportPlayer(GameObject player))
-I’d probably change the teleport target from Transform to Teleport, so that I could just disable the script for teleporting, and not the actual game object (and to avoid caching the Teleport with GetComponent without much of a need).

Will proceed with the next challenge. Thanks again for providing the opportunity to test out this course!

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Interesting comments and a good spot in that
I have just realised if something else triggers the teleport the player gets moved regardless!!

There are lots of ways of doing things - some can be persieved as better than others…
I see the basic code here is yours to play with and improve and change to suit your needs

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