[FEEDBACK?] Gameplay Programmer Portfolio

Hey everybody!

I finished Rick’s “How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry” course a little while ago and I’ve finally finished putting together my portfolio and demo reel. I would really appreciate some honest feedback if anyone is willing to take a look!

Gameplay Programmer - Joe Fatuch

It looks pretty good and everything seems to be nicely ordered.

There are a few things that I’d look at changing/adding but this is all personal preference, so feel free to ignore it.

Demo Reel:
Overall I liked it but it could be a bit tighter.
Cut your name and contact info from the start and just keep it at the end.
Treat it like a game trailer. You want to hook them quickly, then show the meat, and then tell them the name and where to buy.

Site in general:

  1. Stop the flashing background. It looks cool but makes things really hard to read.
  2. Add some dates to your timeline (ordered newest first) or order it in terms of most-to-least relevant to the jobs you’re looking for.
  3. Try to add some more examples to your timeline as soon as you can. No need to go overboard though, 5-6 strong pieces should do the trick.
  4. Tighten up the intro blurb a little. Most of that first paragraph can be moved to your bio. Try to grab peoples attention with your achievements and goals right out of the gate.
  5. If you’re a gameplay programmer you’re going to want to share some code, so a link to your GitHub would be a good idea. maybe sit it in a section between your timeline and bio, or just add a link to your sidebar.
  6. Pay to get a proper domain and to get rid of the “built by Wix” banner at the top of the page. That little bit of outlay will make everything feel a lot more professional and shows that you’re taking things seriously.

Again, these are all just personal thoughts and I’d be pretty proud of it if it were my portfolio.

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