Feedback for Section: "The Landscape"

Lectures include:

  1. Landscape - Building the landscape for our houses to go on top of

  2. Sculpting The Rock Base - Sculpting the rock base and learning a few new brushes

  3. Decimate the Rock - Using the decimate tool to reduce the face count of the rock

  4. Baking Normals & Cavity Maps - Baking the normals and cavity maps

  5. Rock Colour - Colouring the base rock

  6. Building A Scene - Start moving the rocks into position and placing the houses

  7. Adding Trees - Adding trees to the scene

  8. Composition & Background - Positioning the camera, adding a background and discovering a little about composition

  9. Mossy Rocks - Adding moss to our rocks to soften the look of our scene

  10. Editing Links - Updating the trees quickly and easily

  11. Adding Fences and Rocks - Adding in our fence models and placing rocks

  12. Creating Bushes - Simple method of adding bushes to your landscape

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“Mossy Rocks” question-

Greetings - I’m on the Mossy Rocks section of “The Landscape;” I’ve chosen some moss textures from the website mentioned in the lecture. However, (and this is most likely due to my rock textures) when I apply the moss BSDF, it looks nothing like the original moss from the website and almost resembles a bright green “slime” lol. My moss looks terrible regardless of the one chosen!

“Background and Composition” question-


I have a tree in my image whose leaves literally disappear against the background image that I have for my scene. It depends on the camera perspective. From my desired camera shot composition. The tree disappears from the image, leaving only the bark, as if it were barren. I then manually change perspective via middle mouse and the tree (and its branches) show just fine. I’ve attached two images, one from the camera perspective and one from the manual perspective where I circle the tree whose leaves are now on full display.

the moss may look different depending on the blend of your mix shader. I would need to see your nodes to know the answer here. The second is probably due to you having it set to visible in render within the outliner

hello, just wanted to notify that it appears the alpha texture that is recommended in the video (“rock alpha 9”) is now only under premium subscription on

the only option that i had on is the “rock alpha 4” texture, which is allowed for free.

For a lot of cc0 (free) textures check out these sites:

If you’re in need of free textures just Google “cc0 textures” and many sites will pop up with resources.

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Send an e-mail to texturesdotcom, asking about the free credits. Several other students have got them enabled like that. Not sure how many this is affecting, it comes up now and again, as do reports from those saying they got it sorted by e-mailing them.

The other sites VVruba mentions are alternatives.

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