Feedback for Section: "Spooky Corridor - UV Mapping"

Lectures include:

  1. Section Intro - Spooky Corridor - Introducing you to the spooky corridor section

  2. Basics of UV Mapping - Understanding the basics of UV unwrapping to place textures onto objects

  3. Spooky Corridor UV Unwrapping - Understanding the basics of UV unwrapping creating a spooky corridor

  4. Mirror Modifier - Understanding the basics the Mirror Modifier for easier & faster modelling

  5. Marking Seams - Understand how to unwrap more complex objects

  6. Subdivision Surface Modifier - Learn how to use the subdivision surface modifier for more detailed modelling

  7. Generated Texture Coordinates - Learn how to texture objects without unwrapping them

  8. Toxic Barrel - Practice unwrapping with more complex objects

  9. Section Completion - Some quick ideas for pushing your skills further

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