Feedback for Section: "Modular Building"

Lectures include:

  1. Blocking Out - Start the modules for our Environment

  2. Building the Beams - Blocking out the modules starting with the beams

  3. Plaster Modules - Blocking out the modules starting with the beams

  4. Stone Walls - Blocking out the stone walls

  5. Building the Roof - Part 1 - Blocking out the skeleton of the roof module

  6. Building the Roof - Part 2 - Building the last part of the roof module

  7. Fence Posts - Building the fence posts and pen

  8. Section Completion - Some ideas for further development of your skills

First of all I really enjoyed this section of the course. What I really did not like that Grant did not named anything in the outliner. What I find is being organized is a good habit especially when you are making ton of duplicates of the same object. I ended up even naming the meshes as well just to make sure that I can quickly check what kind of linked duplicate I am dealing with in case of any doubts. So in future updates of this part of the course could include this.


Mike, the original blender instructor, was super adamant about naming every object properly. While it could get annoying Iā€™m glad he did cuz now my scenes are organized as hell :slight_smile:

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