Feedback for Section: "Introduction & Setup"

Lectures include:

  1. Section Intro - The Blender Interface - Grant welcomes you to the course and shows you some of the things you’ll be creating.

  2. Downloading Blender - We’ll make sure you have a version of Blender that you are comfortable with so you can start creating

  3. Community & Support - Lucy invites you to join us in our various community support forums in order to ask questions, connect with other students and share your progress.

  4. Links & Resources - This article shares with you all the relevant links and details for getting support, asking questions and accessing resources provided by your instructor.

  5. The Interface - Learn how to navigate the viewport and understand different views

  6. Adding Objects - Learn how to add, move rotate and scale objects

  7. Rendering - Learn about the different viewport displays and rendering options

  8. Materials - Learn about adding materials to your objects

  9. Background HDRI’s - Learn how to add background HDRI’s to give realistic lighting in your renders

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my renders.

This one is the cycles render

This one is the eevee render

Just wanted to share my thoughts as well. I noticed that the cycles render took longer, but it didn’t capture as bold of shadows as Eevee render. Well it did, just dispersed the shadows more and made them more translucent as shadows do have some opacity in reactivity to light. Cycles render was a lot softer and smoother looking though, as well since it captured more light and displayed the shadows accordingly. It definitely gives it a more realistic feel.

I personally liked the bold look of the Eevee render just because of the darker shadows, but at the same time I liked the smooth and crisp look of the cycles render.

I really enjoyed this assignment. :star_struck:


Just sharing my material renders :slight_smile:

This one is cycles render

This one is eevee render

Now that I can see materials rendered, I have to say that I like the more detailed rendering of cycles render this time around compared to evee, which is much softer and did not capture the reflections as clear and crisp as cycles render.


Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part, support and encourage other students.

Well done making your first renders.

Yes, Cycles is slow but a proper ray tracing renderer. Eevee is a game engine style renderer, fast but not as good. You can turn lots back on in Eevee but that slows it down.

Lots more to come in the course.


Slowly making my way through the Lesson. FInished my background HDRIs and sharing them below.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really enjoyed this Lesson so far! Onwards to Lesson 2 now! :smiley:


My Work :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part, support, and encourage other students.

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