Feedback for Section: "Adding Detail"

Lectures include:

  1. Adding details - Building the last part of the roof module

  2. Box Projection - A look at the advantages and disadvantages of the box projection technique

  3. Simple Unwrap - Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of basic unwrapping to add textures

  4. Texture Painting - Learning how to texture paint objects

  5. Texture Painting the Stone - Using textures to paint with

  6. PBR From a Single Texture - We attempt to make a PBR material using our painted texture

  7. Texture Atlases - Understand Texture atlases and adding detail onto our fence

  8. Doors & Windows - Practice using UV mapping by creating the door & windows

  9. Seamless Textures - Learning about seamless textures whilst building the roof

  10. Procedural Textures - Learning about how you can create textures all within blender procedurally

  11. Section Completion - Wrap up of the section

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This is a solid introduction to what you are going to do. The pace was good and easy to understand.

In the lecture on Texture Painting the Stone I had a problem with the unwrap of the UV map. I have 6 separate sides (it is a cube) and not the 4 texture areas in the example.

It works alright in texture painting but it is different than what you show. In the picture above, your UV map is on the left and mine is on the right and faces are numbered. I tried unwrapping multiple times using different seam placements and could not duplicate your UV map.

It is no real problem but I thought I would let you know about it.

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Grant changed the angle limit to 89 degrees. That made the unwrap the 4 islands only.

I changed mine to 89 as well.

Weird then. You could try playing with that number and seeing if a different one flips to four islands for you.

I did try all the way from 0 to 89 degrees and what I have is the fewest islands at 89 degrees. I did unwrap the same as Grant but I think my loop cuts were a bit different (off by 90 degrees) so maybe that will cause the difference. I should go back and try again with the same loop cuts that Grant did.

I just checked the stone that I used for this part of the project and it had more bevels. I had used a ctrl b for the bevel than added the bevel modifier (without thinking about it). That caused the cube to have more geometry than the one Grant used. That is why I got 6 islands as my smallest number of islands. When I tried again and removed the extra loops from too many bevels, I got close to the same result as Grant i.e. for islands but just slightly different in layout.

Maybe this mistake will be useful to know about by others.


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