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Just figured I would leave a bit of feedback since it was asked about in the video how people feel about the difficulty of the challenges offered in the videos. I personally haven’t been able to complete a challenge in the past two sections. I find them incredibly difficult and normally require knowing about some function that has never been discussed before and is completely brand new like in this video (hits.distance is either new or was maybe used in the first section once?). Not sure where the students should be finding this information but I’d prefer the challenges only involve requirements that the students have already been taught about since figuring out the right order and how exactly to write them ourselves is already hard enough without having to also go out and find completely new functions.

Are you working on the RPG coarse? Did you take any other coarses prior to? The RPG coarse is an intermediate coarse.

Yes, I am taking the RPG course right now. I took the beginner Unity course first.

A balance has to be struck to avoid making the challenges too easy. As you continue your development journey past these lessons, you’ll need to research many things outside of the the scope of what you already know. If anything else, the game engine itself evolves between versions requiring more study. I’ve been coding for over 35 years and am still learning new theories, techniques, and methods.

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I totally understand the need for learning how to teach yourself after the course is over and I appreciate the challenges where they provide the Unity documentation for the functions you will need to implement that they haven’t covered so you can learn to read through them and apply them on your own. However, I’m only doing this class on the side of my PhD studies so I’m not going to spend an hour Googling various ways to solve a problem and potentially wasting my time going down a rabbit hole.
I don’t mean for any of this to be defamatory towards the course. I love the course! I simply wanted to share my personal experience with the challenges since feedback was requested in the video. These are all my personal opinions and you can take it or leave as you please :slight_smile:

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I would think it a suitable approach to go by first looking at “where do I want to go and what do I need for it?” and then taking a look at “what do I have already?”.
I was about to implement calculating the distance myself (already had the call to Vector3.Distance() setup) when I looked through the hit and browsing its properties saw it already (and very conveniently) provides a ready-to-go distance property…
Come to think of it, it makes a lot of sense that the hits will already have this information available…

So I think this wasn’t a difficult thing to do that would take a lot of time for research, at all…
(YMMV as they say)

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