[Feedback] 5 min​ of programming theory

I wish GameDev.tv courses had more of these “5 min​ of programming theory lectures”.

Sure, @ben has already taught us some programming theory while coding, but, sometimes, would be nice know some theory beforehand.

There are so many important programming principles like heritage, encapsulation, abstraction​, polymorphism ​that we used, but with just some kind of “en passant​” explanation

5 min of theory here and there would be awesome​ and would help students to come back to these topics without having to watch several minutes of videos to find an important concept.


Hi Felipe,

This is a nice suggestion, lets tag @ben so that he might see this more easily.

On a related note, you can add bookmarks to the video lectures on Udemy. So, when you have one of those moments in the lecture you have described, you can more easily come back to that specific spot.

  • At the bottom of the video in the browser;

  • You can then add a comment for it;

  • Bookmarks added by others will be displayed on the timeline of the video as a little blue bar;

  • Bookmarks added by yourself will be displayed on the timeline as a little yellow bar;

  • If you hover your mouse over your own bookmarks, the comment you added will be displayed;

Hope this is of some use :slight_smile:

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