Feature request for Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints - First Person Shooter

First off, thank you for an excellent course.

Now the gripe. There’s always one, isn’t there? :grin: All this course is missing are the menus. Could you please add a section showing us how to make a main menu to start and exit the game and maybe a difficulty level that will decrease the time limit. Could you also include an in-game, a menu that will pause the level and allow the user to go back to the main menu or continue the game.


Hi there!

I’ll pass this on to Stephen.

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Thank you Lucas, I’m glad you enjoyed the course!

And thank you for the requests. However, the goal for this course was to introduce you to Unreal Engine and Blueprint, and get a functional project going that can get you started.

The course was planned to be short, but to show you enough skills that you could implement features on your own based on what you’ve learned.

It’s an 8 (ish) hour course, so there are going to be features that the game doesn’t have. Main menu, start/exit the game, difficulty levels, in-game menus, etc. are all great features that you’ll see in complete videos games, but these aren’t planned to be added to this course, as it’s more of a bite-sized introduction.


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