FartingBoy: A Take on project Boost

Hi All,

So I’ve been working my way through the course but had a brain wave of an idea for the project boost so had o tailor it to fit. The general idea is you are a boy that desperately needs to … empty his bowels. You have to use the powers of your behind to power you way past the obstacles and reach the toilet.

I don’t think it looks as polished as some of the projects I’m watching on here but I hope you guys like it.

It seems to be the design that I’m struggling on rather than the coding and game design so if anyone has any tips on what I can do to make the game looks sleek or more professional would love to hear it.


So, I have to wonder what you might have replaced the rocket boost sound effect and particle trail with… :rofl:

Love the concept and the design so far. Well done!

I’ve not got round to the particle trail lesson yet but I’ve got a couple of ideas! I managed to find some decent “sounds” on the sound clip website hat Ben linked to in resources.

I’m hoping to put a big “release” coming out of the landing zone when the player completes the level.

Thanks for taking the time to look have really enjoyed making it.

Couple of thoughts/ideas for you… and I am desperately trying to avoid all of the obvious comedy one-liners and puns regarding the theme of your game and the words in your original post… :slight_smile:

So, you say about making it look more sleek/profressional, what do you think that means?

You’ve outlined the story/goal of the player which is great, often the story is what gets missed.

Looking at the level design what strikes me is I don’t see the relevance between the lockers and the story, e.g. why lockers? why are they there?

My thoughts are along the lines of having your scene and obstacles made from things that relate to your story. Another potential option would be to make it more like a top-down kinda maze game, for example, perhaps your squating player is running the corridors of a school, so your corridors, you lead the player through a few different choices of direction before ending up at the “toilets” as the goal.

Hazards/obstacles could be themed around that location(s), so perhaps there’s a janitor that keeps opening/closing the door to the toilets, you have to time that just right to get passed them. Maybe you have a hall monitor who you have to avoid.

You could then have other locations also, perhaps an office workplace, a supermarket and so on. Each could have their own unique obstacles which are in fitting with the theme and / or locations.

Also, with the design of the levels, I would start of fairly simply, like you have above, just easy to navigate, let the player get used to the controls etc. Then later, maybe start to introduce more than one way to get to the goal, but whilst some may be quicker/less fuel consuming, they may have more challenging obstacles.

Whilst it’s not covered in the course, you could consider a fuel mechanic here too, this is going to be fairly grim to explain in words, but I think it may be fitting with the theme of your game. If you could imagine a circular ended bar along the top of the screen which perhaps represents the players bowel, on the left is an area of “gas”, this is the fuel which enables the bottom burps to power your player through the scene. As the fuel runs down, the bar is filled with a long, brown sausage shaped filler which, if it gets to the end indicate that the player has not made it and has “had an accident”.

As I said, fairly grim to put into words but hopefully that paints a picture for you :wink:

The lockers were meant to be a sort of school corridor theme, but I was trying to move along with the course rather than spending too much time on design. I guess maybe this is why I think it isn’t professional looking, because I haven’t spent long thinking about how it should look and spending time to make it look right.

I was thinking of blasting through corridors like you stated but couldn’t think how the mechanics would work, farting over people and through doors. A top down version could work much better. I was think of having him farting down a corridor dodging people, or off a sports field dodging people playing sports.

I was wondering if a fuel mechanic was introduced on the course. I’ve had a think and reckon I coud implement something.

Thanks for the feedback you’ve given me some good things to ponder. I think I’ll finish the project boost videos and then go back o try and improve the game with some of the ideas you’ve brought up.


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Hey Mike,

Fuel isn’t covered in Project Boost, but for all intents and purposes you could have a float, set it to say 500, and then reduce it by a value as the spacebar (or other) key is pressed down.

For simplicity, you could just use a slider to represent the value, at least initially, doesn’t have to be anything too fancy to work on the mechanic itself.

I think if you stick with this you could make a fun game here, some puzzle like challenges mixed with some toilet humour, funny SFX and VFX. I will look forward to seeing any updates you make :slight_smile:


I thought I’d put an update in here. I’ve not had as much time to work on it as I’d like but I’m slowly getting there. It feels more like a game now, I’m going to add 3 more levels of increasing difficulty then call it a day as I finished Project Boost lessons. If you have any ideas of a scenario that the FartingBoy should be in when the call of nature comes, please let me know.

I’d like to post a video but having problems creating a video format small enough to upload.

I’ll probably add a playable version in the showcase later.

Thanks for reading.

Needs to be .mp4 and under 10MB. You could always just upload to YouTube and then cooy/paste the URL into your post, the video will be embedded.

Your game has really come along nicely, well done :slight_smile:

Ah yes youtube would be an easier way of doing it. I’ll add a video to the showcase. I think the light just needs adjusting from a directional light before I move on to section 4.

Rob thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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You’re very welcome Michael, looking forward to the video and perhaps a playable demo :slight_smile:

Hilarious. Good job!

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