Fancy Pawn

Too fancy for competitions.

Verts: 1084.
It also joined the sphere with the rest by itself, I’m not sure why.


Too fancy

No it’s not :smile:


What competitions? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Those models are awesome! I can’t do anything like that yet, but hopefully soon.
To answer your question: In the lessons the teacher says that the board is supposed to be in the specifications for competitions (so we shoudn’t go too overboard int he design), like the models he used. I’m certainly not saying is fancier than yours or that is too fancy for anyone to compete against or anything xD Perhaps I should have worded that better.

I get it. It was kinda competition to make it look as good as possible having not more than X vertices, well it’s quite a challenge to do anything fun within that limitation.

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Yes, with those limitations it’s very hard to make the pieces look original!

That’s all because of the knight. It gives people trouble to make one even with this little amount of vertices, making one with much more would be too hard.

Oh, that makes sense :grin:

Nice! Reminds me a bit of the Seattle Space Needle, haha.

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