Family friendly Argon Assault. - Swarm of bees collect nectar on a field

So, I have a 5 year old son, and I make this course sometimes, when he sees my monitor. I doesn’t want to show him shooting alien airplanes before bedtime. I had to think another calmer version of this project, but the same features:

Project CollectingNectar

Player Experience:
Flying on the field with a ag of bees

Core mech:
send bees to flowers

Core game loop:
Collect as many nectar as possible
aviod falling / moving things
start an other day when the rag have a hit

There is some flowerful season, but winter is coming, and there are larvaes in the hive

Camera rail
Player movement
Shoot: send bees to flowers to Collect
Health of enemy: there are some flower they need more than one bee
flowers and obstackles can move on a path by wind
score: number of collected nectar
game loop: restart when dying,
go direct to hive when full of nectar
go direct to hive when time is up (sun goes down)

Additional features:
multiple level:
spring: newborn bees to feed
summer: larveas to feed
fall: preparation to winter

Health of rag:
Lost bees if something goes wrong. They have to go back to the hive to take rest and regenerate
avoid insected flowers
Pick up health: Meet other bees to connect to the rag and hive.
Momentary invulnerability: no damage for a time after damage
Weapon upgrade: pick up special nectar to make your bees faster (slower time)

Bee on a flower


Very detailed. Great job! You are on your way to becoming a professional game developer.

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cool, a bit different too xxx jess

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There is the first version with basic movements.
I made it with OBS, and don’t know why it’s laggy. I will check, and made a new one, but not tonight.

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Really nice theme, I love it :honeybee:

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