Fallen Squadron - Rise of The Organic Terrors

Argon Assault Idea:

The twenty-third century is coming to a close. Humanity has spread throughout the Sol System, colonizing Earth’s moon, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, and has built space stations on the moons of neighboring gas giants. Interplanetary trade is finally beginning to flourish, and more and more adventurous souls are choosing to become explorers and chase the final frontier. However, at the edge of our solar system, far beyond the dwarf planet, Pluto, deep space explorers have unintentionally awoken a violent, parasitic, and highly intelligent insect-like race which had been in hibernation for eons. By assimilating the explorers into their collective, they gained knowledge of humanity, and have come with their vast armada of organic terrors that serve as their starships to assimilate all of human-kind. The attack was quick, sudden, and vicious, taking the colony of Pluto completely by surprise. Pluto’s military force was completely obliterated, and now the colony is in ruins. You are the last surviving member of the elite Shadow Squadron, the guardians of Pluto; your fellow pilots have been assimilated or are dead. If the enemy armada makes its way past you before Neptune and the nearby colonies can prepare, humanity will face complete and utter annihilation, as the more colonies they assimilate, the larger their armada will grow. It is unlikely you will survive, but tonight you fight to avenge your home colony of Pluto, and your fallen squadron.


I really like this concept. Are you working on a prototype?

Slowly, but surely. I’m still following along with the course :slight_smile: