Facing a few issues

  1. Back a few lessons we needed to use the “Calculate Distance”, but it’s no longer setup the same way. I found a few things online that might have been a fix but I am concerned it’s going to have some issues later.

  2. On this lesson (Thumbstick Aiming) I am at the end of this lesson. When I hit play, my character faces the correct directions when the Right Stick input is pressed (forward 0, right 90, down 180. left -90) but only while not moving. When I press the left stick to move forward, using the right stick does not change the direction the character is facing but the values still appear correct (forward 0, right 90, down 180. left -90). Any idea what’s going on?

I know issue 1 is engine version related (I am using 4.26) but I am not sure about issue 2. Any suggestions?

Hi there!

For issue 1, here’s an example of what you can do with the changed CalculateDistance

For issue 2, can you show me your event tick and update thumbstick aim portions of your Marine blueprint?

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