Face Rigging

Rigging the face is kind of a daunting task. So I would like to share this beautiful video I found on YouTube as I was trying to learn a new way to rig my character’s face.

It’s so amazing when you learn something new that just makes your work so easy. I love learning. Also update. Almost done setting up the scene. Next task is animating. I’ll be trying a new way to animate and I just can’t wait to bang my head on the wall :grin:. No but seriously I can’t wait how it turns out.

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Your face model looks wonderful! Feels like something out of Disney or Dreamworks. Nice job! Looking forward to seeing your animations. Rigging faces and creating blend shapes is difficult (at least for me because I’ve had so little practice). Thank you for sharing the video.

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Thanks! I just started learning about face rigging. It’s kind of amazing when you see your character alive. I haven’t touched blend shaping. Maybe that will be my next lesson.

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