F-16 modeling attempt!

I started with the block plane but decided to go for something more challenging and here are the results.


How come you made so much detail and totally forgot about elevators?
And some things are having some wrong scale sizes. When you go for things like this (accurate models) it is better to use blueprints. A lot of basics about it explained in section 4. I’ve used some when I made my subbie
I love going off the course with side activities too, but it is much more efficient to make things this complicated after learning some important basics.


Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply.
I totally agree with what you wrote, but that wasn’t the purpose of this project.
I decided to go off course with this model in order to practice the few basics I had learned through repetition and to challenge myself and my creativity.
That being said, I think I learned a few things on my own and i hope that in the future I’ll make another one the way it should be made. :slight_smile:

This is really good. Are you sure you actually need this course? :stuck_out_tongue:

Same comment xD

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Thanks, that really motivates me to keep going on.
As for the course, it has been quite helpfull and I am defenitely steaking with it till the end. :wink:

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