Eyedropper to get focus on face is misleading on versions pre 4.24

You may be surprised by this as it surprised me but @5:00 you click on Drongo’s face implying that the focus is going to be set to his face. This is not the case. What is actually happening is the focus is being set to the object’s origin of which you clicked the eye dropper on. This will explain all those times you use the eyedropper and the focus is juuuust a little off but you tell yourself: “hey, I used the dropper on the tip of his nose, it must be right. I should get my eyes checked.” You could have clicked on Drongo’s foot or stomach for all it matters. I think this is a bug which I will report to Epic right now.

No need to report the bug. I found that this was fixed in 4.24.0
I am able to reproduce the bug in 4.23.1

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