Eyeball Cycles

Again using some materials and Cycles for the final result.
For the shape, into edit mode selected the faces that would make the iris, separated by selection, made a duplicate that will become the cornea. Rotated the iris 180 degrees and flip its normals. Reattached again to the eye and removed doubles in edit mode so the eye with the iris is one piece. Used proportional edition and subdivision modifier on the cornea to shape it like it is. Used a glass shader on it with low refraction.

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Here’s my eyeball. I’ve already been through the other Blender animation course by GameDev so this also incorporates some topics we haven’t touched on yet in this course, such as texture painting. This was done in Blender 2.8 (rather than 2.79) so it’s using the Eevee render

and here is a version in 2.79 (Cycles render)

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