Eye of the Beholder

Well… the challenge said simple objects, but I’ve never been very good at not challenging myself even more when learning new things. So I tried to make a beholder! The eyestalks really gave me trouble so they are just cylinders, hopefully later in the course we’ll be learning how to make things look more organic.

I don’t like the mouth either, but I think I did pretty well given I’m only a few lessons in. :slight_smile:


I agree, that is a pretty good Beholder for being made from primitives. Later on in the course you’ll learn about sculpting, I recommend revisiting this project after that :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:

I just did a google search on blender sculpting, and it looks like that is exactly what I need to make him how I’d like. I will definitely come back to this later. And maybe try a dragon too. I am always ambitious.,… haha.

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