Extrusion Practice

Hello All, just showing my practice project for the extrusion part of section 2 :slight_smile: Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Try to merge the vertices of your silos (dome and cyclinder).

I have a question, in my merge by distance operator panel, I have the setting at 0.0001m and when I try to merge by distance, it says remove 0 vertices whereas when I put it to 0.1m, it removes the vertices. How does changing number effects how much vertices are removed. Any help would be appreciated it. Thank you so much

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The setting value is the range (radius in a dome) in which a single vertex is looking for its closest neighbors. If the range is to low, nothing found. If too high, even unrelated vertices are found and merged.
So you need to be a careful and gradual increase in the number setting. From 0.00001 to 0.0001, to 0.001 … etc to find the correct setting. It works well if both meshes do share the same vertices amount and distance. If not than a manual vertex merge is needed.

So the number of vertices merged, depends on how many could be found with the setting. So 3 vertices and one selected, could be merged into one. Answer 3.
It helps to know how many vertices were selected at first (in the loop). Say 24 and 24 are merged you could say the process went well, but a check can be necessary.

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Thankl you very much :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

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