Extrude - difficult lesson for me

This is the hardest section for me yet.:grimacing: first my ramp is way to low even though i snapped it to the edge. Screen shot shots the little orange cursor is on the egde of the step. Secondly when snapping the top edge of the ramp to the edge of the stair it was basically trial and error to get it straight as most of the tries the ramp was slanted to the left or right. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


OK if anyone is having the same problem maybe this can help - i redid the whole pyramid again - first error in my first one was i didnt reduce the base width to 1 as shown in the video. Next i found i couldnt move the bottow of the ramp at all but found out the radio button called “Absolute Grid Alignment” was off and by clicking on it i could then move it.

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I had the same issue where snapping to edge was more of a trail and error method. And even when i felt i did it right, the vertices never seemed to merge.

I switched over to snapping on vertices and that seemed to do wonders for me.

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