Extremely Impressed by this course and by Unity! Wow!

I’m and “old coder” who has bounced back and forth between IT leadership roles and the more fun programming roles for decades. I’ve been coding C# since .NET was in beta. I only started playing in the mobile space in the past 3 years. In that time, I released a single app that is in both the App Store and Google Play. Each version of the game was written in the appropriate native language (Swift/Objective-C & Java) for the platform. At the time, the idea was simply to “learn the space”. Fortunately, the apps have a loyal Player Community, though.

I started to “explore” Unity four days ago because one of my Players was encouraging/high stressing me to release in “Steam” - which I’d never heard of - so he could play my app on his PC. In researching Steam, it became obvious that I was going to need to explore “Unity”; something I’ve ignored in the forums for a long time. During my Googling on “where to start”, I came across this training course and figured it “couldn’t hurt”.

I’m just finishing the C# tips section. Ben’s skills as an instructor are amazing; I couldn’t do better. I’ve just completed compiling the “Terminal Hacker” game and running it on my Mac. Sure, it’s a simple game, but the fact the clean graphics and specifically THE SOUND were so simple to implement has me floored. I also noticed that I can apparently compile for Mac, IOS, Android, and PC all from what would appear to be the same code base?!? OMG! Why didn’t I find this before agonizing over Swift and Objective-C?

I am thrilled at the possibility that I may be able to return to C# for all of my programming needs.

Anyway, I wanted to put this out here. I don’t impress easily, but as I said the approach to teaching is stellar. I’m going to finish the C# tips section because it is useful to better understand the IDE. I am extremely excited to get to the rest of the Unity though and see more of the power of this platform. Thank you for this course!

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Which course, 2D or 3D?

It’s the 3D course: " Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D (2017-2019) Online Course"