Extra Qualification Error at Compilation

My compilation fails in Unreal and gives this error:

I have copied all of Ben’s code from the github commit for this lecture. Here is my project’s github`

Before this, I noticed a glitch that the TankAimingComponent was always logging an aiming solution. I searched the Q&A’s and saw multiple responses in earlier lessons to change the return value of GetSightRayHitLocation, I tried this and it did not fix either error. I also changed the value of ESuggestProjVelocityTraceOption to TraceFullPath based on this Q&A, which fixed the TankAimingComponent glitch.

This repo currently contains copies of Ben’s code and produces both issues.

Is there a problem with my blueprint? If so, how can I test for that? Any info would be very appreciated! Please let me know if you require any additional information

Hi Nick,

In your TankTurret.h you have the class name before the method? (See highlighted part in screenshot.) I checked adding this to my working solution and gives me a qualification error on compilation if I do this!

Remove UTankTurret:: from your function declaration in TankTurret.h. It should just be:

void Rotate(float RelativeSpeed);

Not sure if that will clear up every compilation error you have, but it should get right of the ‘extra qualification’ one?

It does just say ‘1 error generated’ in your error log, so maybe that’s all it needs! Let me know :smile:

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Hey Brownie,

It worked!!!

Thanks so much for the help, I was tearing my code apart to find that! My copied Ben’s code compiled with your edit (strange that his compiled in the video), but I lost all my assets. I reverted to an earlier commit and your change worked. The console still always logs an Aim Solution but the turret and barrel follow the crosshair unless pointed at the sky, so I’m happy lol

Thanks again!

No worries! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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